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Trip Participants
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Travel to Tanzania
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Day 1: to Forest Camp
Day 2: to Shira 1 Camp
Day 3: to Moir Camp
Day 4: rest day at Moir
Day 5: to Lava Tower
Day 6: to Arrow Glacier
Day 7: Western Breach
Day 8: Summit day
Day 9: Descent

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Our Kilimanjaro trekking group consisted of five friends:

Mike: (age: early 50's; occupation: scientist; home: Albuquerque, NM; more info)  My primary interest outside of work is hiking in the Sandia Mountains, at the edge of Albuquerque. I have an online hiking web site about the Sandias, and published a hiking book Sandia Mountain Hiking Guide in 2005. The trek up Kilimanjaro was an entirely new experience for me, however. I was the one who originally dreamed up the idea for this trip.

Pauline: (age: early 50's; occupation: scientist; home: Albuquerque, NM; married to Rick)  Pauline and Rick do a lot of camping and outdoor activities. They had been to Tanzania about 10 years ago. The idea of climbing Kilimanjaro had intrigued her ever since. When I mentioned a trek up Kilimanjaro, she jumped at the idea. She probably was the driving force that turned my idle daydream into a reality. Pauline and I had worked together for almost 20 years prior to this trip.


Rick: (age: mid 50's; occupation: scientist; home: Albuquerque, NM; married to Pauline)  Rick's main hobby is collecting beetles. He and Pauline do a lot of exotic travel around the world to places like the Amazon to collect them. As a result, he ends up selecting many of their destinations. Pauline got to select this one, and Rick was along for the company (although he had a very good time).

Ellen: (age: early 40's; occupation: scientist; home: Livermore, CA; married to Kevin)  Ellen and Kevin had done more mountaineering than the rest of us. They had gone to Nepal several years ago, and had trekked up to 19,000' or so in the Himalayas. I had known Ellen for about 10 years, and had worked with her a few times over the years. Pauline had worked with Ellen in her small software company over the previous 3 years.

Kevin: (age: late 40's; occupation: scientist; home: Livermore, CA; married to Ellen)  Kevin had the most mountaineering and trekking experience of all of us. In addition to the trip to Nepal with Ellen, he had done an earlier trip to Nepal, and had trekked through India. He and Ellen also lead mountain trips with the Sierra Club. If we had an "iron man" on the trip, it was going to be Kevin.



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