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If you have a Garmin GPS reciever (GPSr) with mapping capability, you can upload a contour map of the Sandia Mountains (100-foot contour levels) by following the steps listed below. This map also includes most of the trails and roads in the Sandia Mountains. The map was created by Barry Roberts, who also designed and produced the high-quality topographic maps in the Sandia Mountain Hiking Guide. A sample screen image from a Garmin GPSr displaying a map from the region near Tree Spring Trail is shown to the right.

(Note: this procedure has been tested on and works well for the Garmin Etrex product line and the newer GPSMap CSx and related units. However, I have heard that the current version of IMG2GPS does not recognize the newer Garmin Colorado GPSr units.)

  1. You will need to install a special program in order to put the contour map on your GPSr. Download and install the IMG2GPS program from this web site: http://www.img2gps.co.cc/ . Instructions for using the IMG2GPS program are also available at that site.
  2. Download the Sandia Mountain contour map (filename sandiacontours.img) by clicking here and save the file on your computer.
  3. Upload the sandiacontours.img file to your GPSr using IMG2GPS following the directions provided in step 1 (above).


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