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GPS "tracks" in Google Earth(.kml) format for all 57 trails in Sandia Mountain Hiking Guide can be downloaded by clicking on the trail names in the Table, below.

The entire set of trails can also be downloaded at once to your computer in a compressed zip format (1.53 MB file size) by clicking here.

DifficultyTrail NameMilesElevation
Range (feet)
ModerateCienega Trail 2.27,500-9,220p. 22
ModerateArmijo Trail 2.27,100-7,230p. 24
EasySulphur Canyon Trail 0.357,420-7,620p. 27
EasyBill Spring Trail 0.77,400-7,720p. 28
ModerateFaulty Trail 8.77,000-7,860p. 30
EasyOso Corredor Trail 2.77,810-8,600p. 33
ModerateTree Spring Trail 28,470-9,440p. 36
EasyTecolote Trail 1.38,630-8,810p. 38
EasyBalsam Glade Nature Trail 0.258,620-8,660p. 39
Moderate10K Trail 59,420-10,040p. 41
ModerateEllis Trail 3.29,640-10,270p. 44
ModerateOsha Loop Trail 2.49,210-9,740p. 47
Most DifficultChimney Canyon Route 1.78,150-10,590p. 49
EasyCrest Spur Trail 0.610,100-10,600p. 53
EasyCrest Nature Trail 0.210,600p. 54
EasyPeak Nature Trail 0.310,300p. 55
ModeratePeñasco Blanco Trail 1.68,450-9,110p. 57
EasySandia Cave 0.57,040-7,180p. 61
DifficultOsha Spring Trail 4.36,500-9,110p. 62
Difficult Crest Trail (north portion),
Crest Trail (south portion)
266,240-10,640p. 64
DifficultOjo del Orno Route 0.86,400-7,410p. 72
DifficultAgua Sarca Route 36,350-9,040p. 73
ModerateStrip Mine Trail 1.85,660-6,040p. 76
ModerateDel Agua Route 1.85,960-7,020p. 78
DifficultLa Luz Trail 7.57,040-10,250p. 80
ModeratePiedra Lisa Trail 5.76,030-8,150p. 84
EasyPiedra Lisa-La Luz Link 0.56,960-7,200p. 88
EasyLa Cueva Trail 0.256,500-6,700p. 89
EasyRozamiento Trail 0.66,250-6,500p. 90
ModerateTramway Trail 2.56,460-6,900p. 93
Easy Foothills Tr. (north portion),
Foothills Tr. (south portion)
135,860-6,660p. 94
DifficultDomingo Baca Route3.56,450-8,810p. 94
ModeratePino Trail 4.56,460-9,230p. 101
DifficultEmbudito Trail 66,240-9,720p. 102
ModerateEmbudo Trail 3.26,180-7,860p. 105
ModerateThree Gun Spring Trail 46,320-8,460p. 108
ModerateHawk Watch Trail 26,300-7,900p. 111
DifficultCCC Route 1.87,580-9,345p. 113
ModerateCañoncito Trail 37,310-9,210p. 116
ModerateBart’s Trail 27,300-9,140p. 119
ModerateNorth Mystery Trail 5.27,360-8,110p. 121
ModeratePalomas Cliffs Trail 1.58,010-8,560p. 125
ModerateNorth Sandia Peak 0.410,447p. 126
EasyCapulin Peak Trail 0.58,740-8,929p. 130
ModerateSurvey Trail 2.89,820-10,400p. 131
ModerateBoundary Loop Route 2.56,100-6,620p. 133
Moderate Juan Tabo Canyon Trail,
Sandy Arroyo Trail,
Old CCC Loop Trail
6.56,240-6,830p. 136
EasyJuan Tabo Cabin Trail 0.56,120-6,380p. 138
ModerateRincon Spur Trail 0.758,200-8,500p. 140
ModerateFletcher Trail 26,930-8,220p. 142
ModerateMovie Trail 1.76,930-8,370p. 144
Easy Elena Gallegos Picnic Area
Trail 141, Trail 230,
Trail 230A, Trail 305,
Trail 341, Trail 342,
Trail 366
Varies6,200-6,700p. 147
ModeratePiedra Lisa Canyon2.56,000-7,200p. 148
DifficultWhitewash Trail 45,900-8,520p. 150
ModerateSouth Sandia Peak 0.59,762p. 152
ModerateMano Trail 56,180-7,140p. 157
ModerateEye of the Sandias 45,940-7,200p. 161
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